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Motoring Offences

If you've been accused or charged with a motoring offence early advice is crucial.

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Death By Dangerous Driving

Causing the death of someone whilst driving in a dangerous manner is a very serious offence that can only be heard before a Judge and Jury in the Crown Court. If convicted a sentence to a term of imprisonment, disqualification from driving, having to re-take a driving test and even having your vehicle taken away from you will be a serious consideration by the Court.

For a court to be satisfied that an offence has been committed there are many elements that must be proven.

Our thorough preparation at the early stages of your case will include:

  • Investigating  all these issues with you
  • Seeking expert forensic evidence where appropriate
  • Fully advising you on the prospects of success and the likely outcome of your case.

If your case proceeds to trial, you may be at a disadvantage and risk losing your case if the Prosecution are represented by an advocate and you are not.

Our team of advocates specialise in cross-examining witnesses including Police offiers at trial. We can therefore improve your prospects of success and help you to obtain the best result possible.

Call us now on 0844 414 6035

Early advice is crucial if you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offence. Our team of specialist criminal lawyers ensure our clients are properly represented and informed. Call us now to discuss your case.


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